Qype: Hector’s House in Brighton

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I can’t help but feel a little grimy after an evening in here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for “shabby chic” – but there’s shabby ‘chic’ and there’s just… well… shabby. Unfortunately, Hector’s House falls within the latter category. A favourite haunt of Sussex University students as well as those desperately trying to hold on to their student-hood, this place is full of piercings, tattoos, dreadlocks and VERY loud music. Although it’s the kind of place I would have eagerly dived into every Friday night as a wannabe rebellious sixth-former, now it just makes me feel a bit depressed.

The fact that this pub has managed to establish itself as a live music bar must be testament to the fact that they have a regular, solid client base because this is one of the worst places ever to see live music – the acoustics of the place are awful and in between sets the music is so loud you can barely tell when the live stuff starts.

It’s also isn’t really that cheap, which would at least justify it being so dingy. The furniture is cramped in some places, sparse in others and the place is irrevocably dark. The toilets are all the way down in the basement, not particularly nice and covered in scratched and scribble graffiti. I know for a fact there are many people that love it in here, namely most of Brighton’s student population, but I’m no longer one of them. And for the record, I didn’t much like it here when I was.

Check out my review of Hector’s House – I am Alice_Reeves – on Qype

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