Qype: The West Quay in Brighton

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I’m not generally a fan of Wetherspoons or Wetherspoon-type places, but for some reason I really like The West Quay. It isn’t your typical stainless steel bar and cheaply carpeted kind of place though, in fact it’s really traditional-feeling and full of big, heavy wooden tables and chairs (some are actually thrones) and has something unheard of in most chain pubs… atmosphere!

True, the food isn’t great – after all it IS a Wetherspoon – but it is dirt cheap. I recently went along to the signature ‘Steak Club’ night with the boyfriend and although the steak was thin and FAR too overdone, at about £16 for two generous steak dinners and a bottle of wine neither of us were complaining.

The drinks (in true chain-pub style) are immensely cheap and best enjoyed on a summer day, sat on the balcony overlooking all the boats moored in the Marina. It’s an incredibly satisfying juxtaposition to be sat somewhere that feels so classy for such great value.

Check out my review of The West Quay – I am Alice_Reeves – on Qype

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