Qype: Bills Produce Store in Brighton

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Bill’s is probably one of the most unique places to eat in Brighton. When I first moved here five years ago, it was more of a food store/café with a couple of tills plonked in the middle of a green grocers that took up the best part of the shop front. Now, the tills have been cleared to make way for more tables and it’s now much more of a restaurant that sells some food and drink. Ok, maybe ‘some’ is an understatement – the walls are completely shelved and stacked floor to ceiling with all manner of yummy goodies from organic juices and wines to fresh vegetables and locally produced pickles.

The place itself is absolutely gorgeous. With it’s dark wood, folding front doors and mezzanine balcony it feels like a converted barn right in the centre of town. As you step into Bill’s from the buzz of North Laine it’s like stepping from city into countryside.

I had a salmon fillet with parma ham accompanied by roasted potato wedges and fresh peas crushed with feta cheese. I couldn’t fault the food in the slightest – the flavours were absolutely divine (especially the feta peas) and the service was excellent. My one and only complaint was that for around £13, the portion could have been a bit bigger (but that may just be me being greedy!) A lovely surprise at the end of the meal was that when they bought our receipt over it came with a voucher for a free bottle of wine if we came back bought two Sunday roasts. Alas, we didn’t manage to get back there within the time limit to claim our freebie but the sentiment was much appreciated!

Check out my review of Bills Produce Store – I am Alice_Reeves – on Qype

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