Qype: La Tasca in Brighton

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La Tasca have, for ages, done a ‘Tapas for a Tenner’ offer on Sunday-Tuesday nights which offers absolutely brilliant value for money. Unfortunately, we wandered along on a Sunday night a few weeks ago to find that the offer we’d taken advantage of so many times was no longer there. Knowing from our all-you-can-eat experiences what the quality of the food and portion size was like, we took one look at the prices they were asking for the same dishes (around £4 each) and were shocked to discover that our usual £30 meal (£20 for food plus £10 a bottle of wine) would now cost us closer to £50. It took us all of about 30 seconds to decide it wasn’t worth it and find somewhere else.

Among the dishes on offer at La Tasca are Spanish omelette, paella (for two), chorizo in red wine, breaded chicken and fish strips and garlic mushrooms. It’s all pretty tasty and the service is usually speedy (even if the staff are a little surly). It’s also in a highly convenient location (on North Street right next to the bus stops) and has a mellow, candlelit atmosphere (if a teensy bit ‘chainy’). Overall I’d say it’s well worth going here if you can find an offer, as you’ll have a perfectly pleasant evening… but I’d feel rather put out if I had to pay the usual asking price for most of the menu.

Check out my review of La Tasca – I am Alice_Reeves – on Qype

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