Qype: yo! sushi in Brighton

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I feel slightly ashamed to admit just how excited I get by Yo! Sushi. The combination of ultra-modern decor and the endless multitude of brightly coloured little bowls containing my favourite foods going round and round in circles makes me immensely happy. I have been to other (better) sushi restaurants but none of them seem quite so, well, cool.

Ok, I know it’s a chain and it does work out fairly expensive (I never spend less than £20 per head) but I think it’s worth it for the novelty. The wine is slightly overpriced (at about £5 a glass), but I don’t often drink here (and the bottomless miso soup goes some way to making up for it.)

Without a doubt, the best time to go here is on their ‘Blue Mondays’ when every dish is £2.20 – the same price as their blue plates are normally. During this offer the selection isn’t as extensive as usual (unless it’s me imagining it?), but it’s still pretty damn good. There are also usually discounts to be found online, like 50% off vouchers, so it’s well worth giving “Yo! Sushi offers” a Google before you head out.

Check out my review of yo! sushi – I am Alice_Reeves – on Qype


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