Qype: Crystals in Brighton


If you’re into your crystals and crystal jewellery this is probably the best place to go in Brighton. Unlike most of the other ‘spiritual’ stores that lend a small corner of the shop to crystals and then pack the rest with all manner of spirituality-related paraphernalia, this place focuses on having the widest crystal selection in Brighton (for the best prices).

Their various selections of tumbled crystals are laid out so beautifully by the entrance that the magpie in me is attracted immediately. My housemate is very into crystal healing, so we’re usually in here on a visit into the North Laine. I’m not sure exactly what I believe when it comes to using crystals, but they look pretty and the tumbled ones make highly effective ‘worry beads’ when I’m feeling particularly stressed. So I guess there’s something in it.

The staff in here are brilliant. They know their stuff and can recognise all the crystals on sight if you aren’t sure what you’re holding. They also have a selection of reference books, including The Crystal Bible, where you can look up the properties of each one if you’re looking to practice healing. All in all, a lovely little addition to North Laine and immensely ‘Brightonesque’.

Check out my review of Crystals – I am Alice_Reeves – on Qype


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