Qype: Jaba Yard in Brighton


Jaba Yard and its brand spanking new next-door

Jaba Yard has long been known by many (myself included) as “the-shop-next-to-Greenwich-Village.” What I didn’t realise is that the people that own Jaba Yard also owned the former Greenwich Village and have now reclaimed both stores to extend out. Although ‘next door’ doesn’t have an official name yet, according to the shop assistant it’s most likely going to be called either by the same name or the ‘Jaba Bizarre’.

There was much outcry in Brighton when it was announced that Greenwich Village would be no more as it’s been an integral part of North Laine for many years. It was a crowded, claustrophobic place which was rented out to a number of market-style traders selling unique, hippy-style dresses, bags, jewellery and home adornments. Now, the place is virtually unrecognisable. What was the crammed, cave-like corridor of stalls is now a white, light, airy shop with tons of natural light. All the stock (some of which is the same as before) is spaced out, easy to browse and just looks far classier. Definitely more my cup of tea than the chaos that was there before.

I was having a chat to the shop lady (who was absolutely lovely) and she seemed genuinely proud when I was complementing her on the change. She was saying that there’s still some decorating to do, as well as a load more stock to come in – so watch this space! This should make Jaba Yard a great addition to North Laine in its own right.

Check out my review of Jaba Yard – I am Alice_Reeves – on Qype


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