Recipe of the Week: Harry Eastwood’s Cinnamon Banana Bread

Harry Eastwood's Cinnamon Banana Bread. Batch #10 or 11... or maybe 12?

Harry's Cinnamon Banana Bread Batch #10 or 11... or maybe 12?

Yes I know, two Harry Eastwood recipes in a row, but I just cannot get enough of this woman at the moment. When I got her book Red Velvet & Chocolate Heartache last Christmas, the Cinnamon Banana Bread (p. 97) was the first recipe I tried. Since then, I’ve made it about ten times and my latest batch (above) was definitely the best one yet.

Absolutely packed with bananas, nuts and courgettes, it sounds ridiculously healthy for a cake and quite honestly far too good to be true. A cake that’s full of slow energy release foods that keeps you FULL UP? Damn right. This cake makes an absolutely brilliant morning snack, satisfying (and quashing) my regular-as-clockwork 11am sugar cravings. I can’t think of anything that goes better with my cuppa.

Harry’s book is an absolute must for anyone who loves cake (which is just about everyone, right?) She has perfected the art of the light, moist texture and the best thing is that they can be enjoyed by anyone as they’re entirely wheat-free. In her own words: “I have tested all the recipes in this book using white rice flower as well as plain flour. This is partly because I like its lightness of texture, but also because I didn’t want those with wheat intolerances to miss out on the fun.”

Isn’t that nice of her? Now, if only more catering establishments thought that way…


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