Qype: Brighton Dome: Corn Exchange in Brighton


Over the years, I’ve experienced the Corn Exchange in many guises. I’ve seen it packed with robed-up Sussex students at graduation ceremonies; draped in coloured ribbon, full of balloons and set up like a dining room/dance floor for my graduation ball; packed full of screaming Jason Mraz fans and most recently, hosting the Wired Sussex digital media fair.

This is a brilliant multi-purpose venue, with wonderfully high ceilings and great acoustics. It’s exactly the right size too, so at gigs it feels buzzing and packed with people as well as retaining a level of intimacy with the performing act.

My favourite details of the hall are the high windows fitted with panes of mirrored glass – when you look up they add a rather strange dimension to the place, reflecting back the light fittings and making the upper part of the room really open out.

This place has got a hell of a lot of history attached to it too. Completed in 1805, what we now know as the Corn Exchange part of the Brighton Dome was built as a riding hall for the Prince Regent (then George, Prince of Wales). See? You learn something every day…

Check out my review of Brighton Dome: Corn Exchange – I am Alice_Reeves – on Qype

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