Qype: Stanmer Park Tea Rooms in Brighton

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When I lived on the University of Sussex Campus as a student, one of my favourite things to do was head up through the trees, down into Stanmer Park and up to the tea rooms. Then, all bundled up in my coat, scarf and hat I’d purchase a cup of tea in a nice little blue and yellow mug along with a Kit-Kat, sit down outside and happily dunk my chocolate while I watched the world go by. It was a great way to force myself to leave my computer screen and relax for an hour or so mid-essay.

This place is a little village cafe, but given their rather lovely setting I guess they can get away with calling themselves a ‘tea room’. Usually full of parents, children, dog walkers and dogs, this little tea room always feels homely and friendly. It’s not impressive and it’s not trendy, it’s just nice. And that’s what I like: simple, small and serving a damn good cup of builder’s tea.

Check out my review of Stanmer Park Tea Rooms – I am Alice_Reeves – on Qype

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