Recipe of the Week: Jamie Oliver’s Gluten-Free & Egg-Free Beef Burgers

NOTE: this recipe isn’t one of Mr Oliver’s (as I first thought), but posted on a members’ forum on Jamie’s website. Doesn’t make them any less delicious though, as I’m sure you’ll agree. View the original recipe here.

Being wheat intolerant, it’s not often I get the luxury of having a burger. I’ve perused supermarket freezer sections, meat sections and deli counters feeling increasingly dismayed as every pack of delicious-looking burgers I pick up contains the dreaded ingredient: ‘wheat rusk’. Even the butchers seem to use breadcrumb and egg to bind their burgers together. My longing eventually got so bad it reached the point where I was looking wistfully through the window of Burger King feeling sorry for myself every time I walked past. Don’t even mention that incredible smelling burger van that sits outside Churchill Square shopping centre… Sigh.

The most immense burgers ever. Probably.

The most immense burgers ever. Probably.

So, as the sunny springtime weather has finally come to Brighton and barbecuing season is almost upon us, I felt that something had to be done: enter Mr. Jamie Oliver. Thank you very much Sir, you have created the most perfect gluten-free burger I could imagine. Teaming this recipe up with Sainsbury’s Freefrom White Rolls (£1.66 for 4) along with ketchup, mustard, gherkins and sliced Jarlsberg cheese I think I may well have created the most immense hamburger ever. Go on, be jealous.

Jamie’s burger recipe includes bacon, onion, Dijon mustard and uses cornflour to hold it all together – they’re incredibly easy to make and this recipe makes about ten bun-sized burgers (which, of course, we absolutely didn’t devour between two of us… ahem). Most importantly they taste absolutely gorgeous – far superior to that cheap supermarket rubbish anyway. So there.

Barbecuing burgers: the best smell ever

Of course, the best way to cook any burger is on the barbecue, so we made the most of the Easter Bank Holiday sunshine and fired up our brand-spanking new bucket BBQ from B&Q (which I am totally in love with). I’m now totally prepared for a summer of barbecuing, safe in the knowledge that I’m armed with the best gluten-free burgers around.

2 thoughts on “Recipe of the Week: Jamie Oliver’s Gluten-Free & Egg-Free Beef Burgers

  1. These sound perfect. I’m cooking with some Cubs at the weekend and one Cub has egg and gluten intolerance. I’ve looked really hard but I can’t find the actual recipe (not even on Jamie’s website), please could I have a copy?
    Cheers Sophie

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