Qype: England At Home in Brighton


The name of this place makes it sound like it should be a traditional, little English home store… but that could not be further from what England at Home has to offer. Inside, you’ll find a huge mix of the quirky and downright weird, as well as some pieces that are actually rather nice.

They’ve got rude (I mean VERY rude) greetings cards, the pointless but brilliant ‘Dead Fred’ pencil holders (plus related bookmarks and coasters), animal key chains that light up and make their respective noises, bizarrely-shaped balloon whisks, adopt-a-vine (or pony, if you’d rather) gift boxes, humorous or arty coffee table books, eye chart tea towels, cat-end tea towel holders, multicoloured stackable espresso cups… and the list goes on and on.

My absolute favourite thing about England at Home is their collection of gorgeous telephones. These range from payphone-style 1950s designs to retro 1970s circular dial phones in a range of colours. So cool they make me wish I had a landline I actually used.

Check out my review of England At Home – I am Alice_Reeves – on Qype

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