Qype Event at Lucky Voice in Brighton


Whatever your preconceptions are about karaoke – whether it evokes bad memories of drunken family reunions or rowdy New Year’s Eve parties where you pop a quid in a pot then belt out ‘I Will Survive’ at the top of your voice and embarrass yourself – think again. Lucky Voice is karaoke with serious CLASS.

On the debut Qype Does Brighton event, ten of us lucky Qypers made our way there armed with severe lack of confidence in our vocal ability. Well, some of us more than others.

We were greeted by vocal coach Zoe (not a usual fixture of Lucky Voice, but we felt we needed a little help to get us started) and then embarked on a series of vocal exercises including breathing, singing yawns and bizarrely acted renditions of Happy Birthday. Then, full of confidence (helped by a delicious mojito-style cocktail) we were ready for our first challenge: Human League’s ‘Don’t You Want Me Baby.’ I have to say… we TOTALLY nailed it (no honestly, you seriously missed out).

Our karaokeing took place in a large, dimly-lit, padded pod (sounds a bit scary, but it was actually rather cosy). They’ve got the obligatory folder-bound song list to flick through for inspiration, as well as a touch-screen browser which links up to a flat screen television. You can even queue up a playlist in advance, pause and rewind tracks. Much better than relying on a pub DJ!

My personal highlight of the evening was policeman Steve’s Michael Jackson impersonation and genuinely fantastic rendition of ‘Man in the Mirror’ (complete with ‘huh!’ and ‘hoo!’ noises) and new Qyper Chloe’s frighteningly accurate Lady Gaga impression.

Price-wise, a room as large as the one we were in will set you back over £50 an hour, but divided by over 10 people it doesn’t work out too expensive. Where you have to watch yourself is that every karaoke pod gets a food and drinks tab that you settle up at the end. I’d imagine if you’re having that much fun it’s very hard to keep an eye on your spending, particularly when all you have to do to get a drink is press a button that says thirsty. Brilliant, but lethal.

I’d definitely go here again, as it’s a fantastically original idea for a birthday party, team-building work do or hen night. I’m warming up my vocal chords for next time already…

Check out my review of Lucky Voice – I am Alice_Reeves – on Qype


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