Qype: Roly’s Fudge Pantry in Brighton

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Even though I’m not usually a great lover of fudge (more than a couple of pieces make me feel a bit queasy) I find it very hard not to be taken in by the gorgeous smells wafting from Roly’s into the midst of Kensington Gardens.

The variety of flavours is hugely impressive, particularly their chocolate fudge which is the only one I really like. Probably because it tastes more like chocolate than fudge. They’re also brilliant about letting you sample a little bit before you buy. Yum!

All the fudge is handmade in the shop, then cut into pieces on a big table for everyone to see. I may be a proper geek for saying so, but stuff like that fascinates me. It takes me back to the days of kids’ TV shows like Playdays and Blue Peter when they used to visit places like chocolate factories and show all the sweets being made.

If you’re buying fudge as a gift, Roly’s also sell it brightly gift-wrapped in little bags or boxes which make the perfect Christmas present or Easter Egg alternative for those with a sweet tooth.

Check out my review of Roly’s Fudge Pantry – I am Alice_Reeves – on Qype

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