Qype: Marks & Spencer Food in Brighton

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As far as branches of Marks & Spencer go, this is one of the better ones. Incredibly conveniently located directly opposite Churchill Square shopping centre, this is my one-stop-shop for a quick lunch break if I’m on a day-long shopping mission. My particular favourite items to munch on have got to be their sushi trays (a little more expensive than other supermarkets, but far cheaper than a lunchtime stint in Yo! Sushi) and their 99p-a-pack Thai green curry crackers – I’ve got quite an addiction going on and have had to ban myself from them on several occasions, especially when they’re buy one get one free.

The other thing that this Marks & Sparks is fabulous for is the selection in their regular Two Dine for £10 offer. My boyfriend and I, although both keen cooks, are HUGE fans of this deal and have managed to get some absolutely fabulous meals out of it. At the moment I have an entire roast chicken in the oven, a tray of mixed roasting veg to go in, raspberry panna cottas for dessert and a bottle of Pinot Grigio chilling in the fridge. All for £10. You can’t get better than that, really. Especially as the wine in the offers is usually tons better than your average supermarket plonk. Come to think of it, all their food is far superior – particularly their meat and fish.

Last Valentine’s day, because we’re both immensely lazy and in love with M&S, we got their special Valentine’s Meal for £20 which included an absolutely delightful bottle of bubbly Chardonnay that would have cost a tenner just on its own.

M&S are doing an amazing job of busting the myth that they’re hugely expensive, so get down there and see what special offers you can find.

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