Qype: Pumpkin Patch in Brighton

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Having wanted the chance to go baby shopping for absolutely ages, I finally got the chance this week following the birth my nephew. My first point of call was Pumpkin Patch, as I’ve longingly walked past it for far too long without having any excuse to go inside. But oh dear, how come baby clothes are so expensive? I mean, I would think twice about spending £15-£20 on an outfit for ME, let alone one I knew I was going to grow out of in about three months’ time.

Another thing that puzzled me was why on Earth all shops like this feel the need to put supposedly ‘cutesy’ little slogans on every single garment. I don’t WANT to give my nephew something proclaiming that he’s aspiring to be the next England captain, or a farmer, or is a baby member of some fictional LA baseball team. I just want a nice little plain jumper and jeans, thank you.

True, they had some rather cute bits like baby grows with animals on them (not sure what this apparent trend for dressing babies in giraffe-patterned things is, but hey I’m no fashion guru) and little sun hats and shoes. I left empty-handed in the end though and headed off to explore the baby toys on offer in the Early Learning Centre, which was WAY more fun.

Check out my review of Pumpkin Patch – I am Alice_Reeves – on Qype


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