Qype: T.K Maxx in Brighton


Whether I’m a fan of TK Maxx depends very much on what mood I happen to be in when I decide to go shopping. Some days I like my clothes beautifully presented, colour co-ordinated and categorised by label or style – effortless shopping. Other days I like to take to places like Snooper’s Paradise, charity shops or here. The reason TK Maxx falls into the latter category is because, although an established High Street name, it appears to be somewhere between a jumble sale and a factory outlet. I have yet to see a tidy, easy to navigate branch. Although roughly categorised by gender and type of garment, that’s as far as it goes. If you want to find anything remotely useful in here, be patient and prepared to do some serious digging. And definitely don’t go on a Saturday.

Although I have found the odd clothing or shoe bargain in here (including a gorgeous pair of ethically made suede-style, beaded flip-flops for £20 only last week), the place where TK Maxx really stands out is their homeware and furnishings section. My most recent bargains have included a set of pretty, ceramic coffee, tea and sugar jars (ex-Debenhams stock) for £2.99 each and king-sized duvet covers sets for a fraction of the price you’d pay in the shops.

TK Maxx is fabulous for kitchen things, especially frying pans, kitchen knives, teapots, coffee-makers and sprung cake tins. In fact, I would recommend bypassing the first floor completely and heading straight to the top to re-stock your kitchen with everything you never knew you needed.

Check out my review of T.K Maxx – I am Alice_Reeves – on Qype


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