Qype: Genghis Khan’s: The Mongolian Barbecue in Brighton

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I’ve been to this place several times and still have yet to decide whether I’m a fan or not. There’s no doubt about it, it’s worth going here at least once just for the novelty, but after that’s worn off it’s a pretty hit and miss experience.

The premise is pretty unique as far as Brighton restaurants go – an all you can eat buffet where you get to choose your own dishes. Although they do provide some suggested combos, it’s far more fun to experiment with your own. You choose which meat, fish, vegetables, spices and sauces you want, put the raw ingredients into a little bowl and take it to the barbeque where they cook it for you. Great if you’re blessed with at least a basic level of culinary talent, but a decidedly bad experience if you can’t tell your chillies from your peppers.

Although this is a great place to go with a larger group of people where you’re all getting up and down at different times, if you’re with four people of fewer it just becomes a highly impersonal game of musical chairs. There’s always at least 15 minutes where someone ends up sat on their own. Also, if it’s busy you end up queuing for blinkin’ ages for your food. Not what I want from a buffet.

The major thing to watch out for, even those who are pretty whizzy in the kitchen, is that pranksters do have a tendency to swap the paprika for chilli powder. Most definitely NOT funny.

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