Recipe of the Week: BBC GoodFood’s No-Fuss Shepherd’s Pie

My gorgeous, golden-brown masterpiece

Everyone loves a great Shepherd’s Pie. It has GOT to be one of the most comforting, hearty, English dishes around. After experimenting with various twists on Shepherd’s pie such as topping it with cheesy mustard mash, using half potato/half sweet potato mash, adding baked beans, making it with veggie mince or adding mint to bring out the flavour of the lamb, I decided to find a recipe that took the humble Shepherd’s Pie right back to it’s roots. Ta-da! Here it is.

The BBC GoodFood website is often a saviour of mine when I have absolutely no clue what to make for dinner. So I tapped in Shepherd’s Pie and after wading through a number of recipes with various  ‘twists’, I settled on this No-fuss shepherd’s pie. Without a baked bean, handful of grated cheese or spoonful of mustard in sight, this recipe is remarkably simple and totally delicious. Crucially, it contains the most magical of ingredients that no pie, ratatouille, bolognese or chilli con carne can be without: a massive glug of Worcestershire sauce.

Just add some peas and Bisto Best... Nom nom nom

When cooked, it just remains to add some Bisto Best Lamb Gravy (which is gluten-free), some peas on the side and a big glass of red wine to accompany it to make this one of my favourite home-cooked meals. Lovely.

One thought on “Recipe of the Week: BBC GoodFood’s No-Fuss Shepherd’s Pie

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