Qype: Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid

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The Mercado de San Miguel

Of all the places we visited in Old Madrid, the Mercado de San Miguel was the most friendly, unique and enjoyable. Probably because both my boyfriend and I are a couple of shameless foodies. Situated in the Plaza San Miguel, just off the Calle Mayor, this market is a wonderful place to visit if you’re looking to get the feel of the city for the first time.

Legumbres Espanolas in the Mercado de San Miguel

Inside, you’ll find stalls selling ready-to-eat cured ham, cheese, olives, oysters and tapas as well as dried pulses, fresh fish and fruit and veg. The idea is that you head to one of the wine counters and purchase a glass of wine to wander around with (yes, a wine GLASS, not a plastic beaker like you get everywhere in England) then amble leisurely from counter to counter sampling all the delights on offer – from cheese tapas to the famous jamon iberico.

Jamon Iberico & Jamon Serrano in the Mercado de San Miguel

A word of warning though: it would be very easy to spend a LOT of money in here. Especially if you find yourself up the champagne and oyster end of things. If, like us, you find yourself content with a €2 glass of Rioja and a plate of cheese then you’ll be absolutely fine.

The champagne counter at the Mercado de San Miguel

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