Qype: Florida Norte Cafeteria Restaurante in Madrid

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Hotel Florida Norte Cafeteria

Seeing as we didn’t go for the ‘Bed and Breakfast’ option, we didn’t spend much time in the hotel restaurant. In fact, we didn’t have breakfast here at all. What we DID do was use this place as a kind of ‘in house coffee shop’ or extended living room when everything in the outside world closed down for the afternoon siesta. So over a few days, many café con leches and beers were consumed in here.

Despite the fact that it felt a little bit lacking in character (kind of like the hotel canteens on school residential trips) it was tidy, clean and the service was extremely fast. Mainly because we went there at odd times when most people were napping, so we were the only ones needing serving.

Inside the Cafeteria

If you’re staying in the Florida Nortel, you’re so close to the wonderful independent, traditional restaurants of Old Madrid that there isn’t really any need to confine yourself to the hotel at mealtimes. Especially as there are much better value suppers to be found just a short walk away.

Check out my review of Florida Norte Cafeteria Restaurante – I am Alice_Reeves – on Qype


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