Qype: La Catedral in Madrid

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La Catedral Cafe

On the day that we ventured into Sol to have a look around what our guidebook described as ‘Downtown Madrid’, this was pretty much the first place we saw after almost falling off the train with hunger. After assessing the menu and deciding that it looked OK, then assessing the interior and deciding that it looked really nice, we grabbed ourselves a table.

The unfortunate thing about Spain is that they don’t appear to have grasped that wheat intolerances exist in most places, so absolutely everything comes with bread regardless of whether it says so on the menu. Even my Spanish omelette.

Inside La Catedral Cafe

All in all breakfast for two of us less than €10, which was the cheapest restaurant bill we had all holiday. It wasn’t enough to stuff our faces, but it was adequate and tasty. The waiter was also really funny and friendly. My breakfast came with coffee included, prompting him to joke that English should want ‘té’ with their breakfast instead of ‘café’. Then he seemed very proud that he’d taught me the Spanish for tea!

Incidentally, I did opt for the tea.

Check out my review of La Catedral – I am Alice_Reeves – on Qype

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