Qype: Kukuxumusu in Madrid

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Kukuxumusu, which translates as “kiss of the flea”, was one of my favourite discoveries in all of Madrid. A fabulous concept for a shop, this place is full of brightly coloured clothing and accessories – all of which bear one of Kukuxumusu’s unique and hilarious designs.

Mainly revolving around animals, these designs are always fantastically funny, usually very cheeky and sometimes downright rude: mosquitoes sniffing sugar like cocaine, a chicken funeral where the hearse is an oven, wolves in disguise infiltrating flocks of sheep, hedgehogs having sex… any bizarre animal-related scenario you can think of, they’ve probably put it on a t-shirt.

At around €18 the t-shirts, they aren’t bad value for money either. If you just like the designs because they make you laugh but don’t really want to wear them, then you can buy most of them on postcards. Or even a pair of knickers, if you’d rather.

Check out Kukuxumusu’s brilliant, off-the-wall designs here.

Check out my review of Kukuxumusu – I am Alice_Reeves – on Qype

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