Qype: Abbey Hotel in Brighton

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I stayed here a few years ago before I came to the University of Sussex so that I could scope out the town and explore all that my future university town had to offer. The reason I chose to stay here was mainly the price – at about £40 for a double room, £20 each per night was a total bargain.

If you aren’t looking for the ‘hotel experience’, then this place is perfect. It’s kind of a hotel-meets-hostel. There’s no restaurant for example, just some vending machines in the hall, but that doesn’t matter because in each room there’s a mini kitchenette with a toaster, kettle and microwave. You don’t have your own bathroom and the communal facilities are quite rubbish, but if you’re only staying there for one or two nights that doesn’t matter either. The bed was also very creaky and rather uncomfortable, so for any length of time I couldn’t have coped with that.

The staff aren’t particularly friendly or helpful, but they aren’t offering any hotel-style services, so it didn’t bother us and we just kept the room tidy ourselves for the two days we were there. It’s kind of like renting a very mini bedsit. Great for the money and served its purpose well.

Check out my review of Abbey Hotel – I am Alice_Reeves – on Qype

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