Qype: Brighton Pier in Brighton

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I haven’t reviewed Brighton Pier yet? Right, this needs to be rectified. When I was a kid and we used to come to Brighton on day trips to the seaside, the Palace Pier WAS Brighton to me.

I used to love going to the arcades, getting my little purse containing £2 changed up into 100 two penny pieces, slotting them into those machines where the big metal thing slides back and forth and waiting for the ever-increasing stack of coins to topple in my favour. I seem to remember being fairly good at those. The ghost train was great too, if absolutely terrifying to a seven-year-old.

Then, when I got older, my daredevil friends would go on those horrendous rides that spin you round and dip you over the edge of the pier as I watched on in horror and ate my ice cream along with all the other cowards.

Then, as I got even OLDER, the bars on the pier were a fantastic place to go for a drink before browsing the insanely tacky souvenir shops, making a fool of yourself on the bucking bronco and giving in to the fabulous smell of fish and chips.

Piers are a landmark of every seaside town and Brighton’s is definitely one of the best. Even though I’ve lived here for five years now, it just never gets old.

Check out my review of Brighton Pier – I am Alice_Reeves – on Qype


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