Qype: The Friends Shop in Brighton

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Shopping in The Friends Shop is a distinctly odd and unique experience. Let’s just say it’s an acquired taste. For some people, a distinctly strange-smelling place full of jumbled up and chaotically scattered bric-a-brac of no discernible value is their idea of a nightmare. For people like me, this shop is an absolute treasure trove.

I have a serious addiction to second-hand books and here, you can pick any book you like up for the incredible price of 20p. Yes, that’s £0.20. True, they used to be 10p each, but I guess that’s inflation for you. You’ll find the books partly in a trolley out the front of the shop, partly in a huge bookcase at the back that’s bursting at the seams and partly in heaps on the floor. It’s a real rummaging mission, but I’ve found everything in here from a shorthand textbook, to Homer’s ‘The Odyssey’, to the latest chick-lit novels. Is there anywhere else you can get more bang for your buck? I think not.

It’s also a great place for odd little things like milk jugs, jewellery boxes and thimbles. Stuff that’s cute, but you never know you want until you see. It’s like rooting around in an old attic full of clutter – a little dirty and dusty, but immensely interesting. I’d steer clear of the clothing though… you really can’t be sure where it’s been. And you really don’t want to guess.

Check out my review of The Friends Shop – I am Alice_Reeves – on Qype


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