Qype: Parque del Retiro in Madrid

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Monument to King Alfonso XII, Parque del Retiro

The Parque del Retiro is an absolutely stunning space, situated close to the Paseo del Prado in Madrid. Full of winding pathways, huge statues, gorgeous fountains and row upon row of trees, this has got to be the nicest green space in the whole city.

Whether you want to sit and read a book on a bench, take a picnic and sunbathe on the grass, or hire a boat to row around on the huge pond, this is a great place to spend a day. And you would need to entire day here in order to see everything, as it’s an absolutely huge park.

The most striking part of the Parque del Retiro is the monument overlooking the lake, which was erected in 1922 by King Alfonso XII’s mother. It looks like something straight out of Ancient Greece, with its huge columns and statues of cherubs and mermaids, fitting in with the grand neo-classical architecture that’s so popular around the city.

It’s such a shame that the weather wasn’t warm enough for us to just lay about here for hours on end, as this is most definitely a summer place. Probably most like Regent’s Park in London (just to compare it to something in the UK), it’s in actually far more impressive than even the grandest of London parks.

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