Qype: The Pick & Mix Store in Brighton


The best pick & mix in Brighton...

Oh my goodness, I think I may have died and gone to sweet-filled heaven every time I walk into here. This place is packed from front to back and from floor to ceiling with every sweet imaginable: giant gobstoppers, white chocolate mice, rhubarb and custards, metre-long fondant-filled cables, giant jazzies, chocolate fudge, chocolate pebbles, cola bottles, milk bottles… I could probably fill several dozen sheets of paper if I were to list everything on offer here. The temptation to walk around the centre-piece pick & mix display and just eat one of everything is so strong I feel like I have to physically restrain myself. Not that I have a huge sweet tooth… it just all looks so PRETTY.

Pretty, pretty sweeties...

As well as all of the sweets you could possibly remember from your childhood, this place also sells Brighton souvenirs and rather naughty sweets like sherbet bras, knickers and suspenders, peppermint nipples and some very rude biscuits. Tacky, but rather hilarious all the same.

Check out my review of The Pick & Mix Store – I am Alice_Reeves – on Qype


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