Qype: Clarkes Stationers in Brighton

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As the name suggests, if you love stationary then this is a place you’ve absolutely got to check out. This is a far higher class of stationer’s than your average WHSmith. Selling beautifully bound notebooks – including real leather Filofaxes, the famous Moleskin notebooks, as well as the most gorgeous leather journals, this place has some brilliant stuff but it doesn’t come cheap. If you’re anything like me though and half the time can’t decide whether you actually want to write with pen and paper or have just been seduced by some seriously sexy stationary, then this place will be your heaven.

For the creatively inclined Brightonian, their piece de resistance is their collection of greeting card making paraphernalia – coloured cards, envelopes, gorgeous papers, flowers, glittery things, little model people, metallic swirly things, stick on letters… you name it, they probably stock it. True, you can go a little mad and end up spending a ridiculous amount of time and money on one single birthday card, but it’s great fun and results in a HUGE sense of achievement. Well, it does if you’re me anyway. Plus, your friends will love the thoughtful, personal touch of a handmade card.

Check out my review of Clarkes Stationers – I am Alice_Reeves – on Qype


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