Qype: Taj in Brighton

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I’ve got to say I much prefer this Taj to the one on the corner of St. James’ Street. It’s a fair bit bigger and has a meat counter as well as a deli that sells freshly made and incredibly tasty curries. I can never resist the offer three of their delicious onion bhaji’s for £1 – quite spicy (buy a drink too!), but totally delicious. They do sell these at the other branch, but they’re hidden behind the tills and never taste quite as fresh.

The selection of fruit and veg is bigger and better here too, as is their bakery (alas, no fresh gluten-free bread though) their excellent range of herbs and spices. I even find the staff friendlier here – when I was on futile quest for dried lavender in the middle of May last week, I had the manager on the phone to other shops trying to find me some. The other branch could take some customer service tips from this one. Saying that, on the same day I was completely ignored for about 15 minutes while the guy on the deli counter chatted loudly into his mobile phone. On loudspeaker. You win some, you lose some, eh?

Check out my review of Taj – I am Alice_Reeves – on Qype


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