Recipe Review: BBC Good Food’s Red Thai Salmon Curry

My first attempt - easy peasy and delicious!

This recipe is one of the easiest things I have ever cooked in my life. If you’re often pushed for time but like eating great food or if you’re entertaining guests but aren’t the best chef in the world then this recipe will become a lifesaver. It tastes far more impressive than you’d think given how quick and effortless it is to make.

The only thing that might catch you out is that you may need to experiment a few times with the amount of curry paste you put in. The first time I made this I didn’t put enough in, but the next time I doubled the amount and it was perfect. Red curry pastes vary hugely in how spicy they are so I’d recommend finding a brand you like and getting used to how much to add. I bought Gang Ped Red Curry Paste from Taj in Brighton which isn’t particularly hot – I found about 4-5 teaspoons was enough, without being blow-your-head off spicy.

Another tip is to steam the green beans for a couple of minutes before adding them to the sauce as I’ve found that the salmon ends up overcooking before the beans are tender enough.

Now, I’m no expert, but if you’re looking to pair this dish with a wine, I thought it went very well with one of my personal favourites – the Kiwi Cuvée Sauvignon Blanc which is available at ASDA and Sainsbury’s for about £5.99.


Qype Guru Event: a meal at Giraffe in Brighton

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Living in Brighton, it’s very easy to develop an aversion to chain restaurants as there are so many fabulous, quirky, independent places to eat. I usually find chains horrendously overpriced and poor value for money by comparison. For this reason, I had avoided going to Giraffe until I was invited there for a Qype Guru event. So, with an open mind and an empty belly, along I went.

On entrance, we were greeted by a wonderfully smiley and enthusiastic waitress who offered us a seat and had no hesitation in suggesting to us the best wine on the menu – a Sauvignon Blanc which I must say was absolutely delicious. Their wine list is good, but rather expensive by the glass so I would recommend getting a bottle with your meal.

Sitting down and perusing the menu I was surprised as there really is no way to classify what type of food Giraffe offers – the menu had everything from burgers to Mexican food to Oriental influenced dishes. Picking a starter that complemented the main was a bit of a challenge.

In the end I went for the chicken wings sharing starter, which was about the same price as the individual ones (around the £5 mark). The size of the starter was impressive – six enormous chicken wings coated in a tasty Asian-style marinade. Probably a bit too much for one person as an appetizer, but hey, I was feeling greedy.

For the main I went for the teriyaki salmon and wasabi rice because I thought it sounded like the most intriguing thing on the menu. The salmon fillet was beautiful and cooked to perfection – and for £12.95 it wasn’t bad value either. As for the rice, I’m still undecided. A brave and interesting idea but one I’m not sure quite worked the way I thought it would.

As far as chain restaurants go, Giraffe really isn’t half bad. The staff are great, the feel of the place is fun (even if the music was a bit loud) and the menu, wherever possible, is locally sourced in Kent and Sussex. The quality of the food is good and there are several deals on food and drink available throughout the week which make it even better value for money. Definitely worth a visit.

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Qype: Famous Moes Pizza in Brighton


Being severely intolerant to wheat, I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that takeaway pizza is a luxury that’s denied to me. Until now. Thanks to a comment from a fellow Qyper, I was informed that Famous Moes on Southover Street do, in fact, offer gluten-free pizza bases.

I was so excited that it was all I could do to stop myself from ordering pizza there and then. In the end, I decided there was in fact nothing stopping me from doing just that and picked up the phone. I spoke to a very nice man who explained to me that there were a couple of limitations to this new found life of pizza takeaways – namely that they only come in the tiny size. Which is OK – definitely better than nothing. The upside is that they’re included in the buy-one-get-one-for-£2 deal. Awesome. So that’s two gluten-free pizzas for a tenner.

Oh my goodness, that tenner was SO worth it. I went for the ‘Smokey Moe’ and the ‘Beijing Duck’ – while the bases are clearly off-the-shelf frozen ones, nothing beats that amazing taste of takeaway pizza topping. The supermarket ones just don’t cut the mustard. I’ll definitely be ordering pizza from here again in the not-too-distant future – and hopefully they’ll get lots of gluten-free orders and branch out into doing larger, freshly made gluten-free bases.

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Qype: JB’s American Diner in Brighton

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Inside JB'S American Diner

Until recently, I’d always walked straight past this place at the end of Black Lion Street. I’m sure you’ve all done the same as, let’s face it, it doesn’t look like the most inviting place in the world. So when a friend invited us out for a get-together here, I wasn’t overly enamoured with the idea. I thought it’d be a horrendous, shabby place – and overpriced to boot given it’s location.

I’m happy to admit I was totally wrong.

The inside of this place couldn’t look more different from the impression it gives on the outside. 50s-style diner tables, red faux-leather upholstered booths, an American pool table (only 50p a game), rock ‘n’ roll music playing, images of hollywood stars plastering the walls… I felt like I’d just stepped onto the set of Grease.

The food isn’t half bad either – a massive plate of steak and chips cost about £12 and the starters are all under a fiver. They also serve the most immense-looking milkshakes (I believe one is Bailey’s flavoured?)

Scrummy Steak 'n' Chips

All in all, this place made for an unexpectedly good evening – the only thing they lose points for is the slowness of their service. Far more authentic an ‘American Diner’ and much better value for money than any soulless branch TGI Friday, I would definitely recommend checking this place out if you’re down in Brighton and want to grab a bite to eat by the seaside.

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Qype: Hollingbury Park Golf Course in Hollingbury


After my boyfriend and I decided back in June that we wanted to learn to play golf, we fired off a few emails to the professionals at our most local golf courses to scope out the best deals on tuition.

The best value for money offer by far came from Paul Warner – the professional at Mytime Golf who manage the courses at Hollingbury and Waterhall. After making sure he was aware that we were absolute beginners who had never even swung a golf club before (so he had his work cut out) we had our first lesson at the beginning of July.

Paul was absolutely fantastic, despite us being truly awful to start with – his lessons are well-paced, easy to follow and comprehensive. After a month or so we played our first round (albeit badly) and after our final lesson a couple of weeks ago we’re now confident enough to go out on the busier, more popular courses.

Although I have yet to play the course at Hollingbury (I’m sticking firmly to courses with lots of Par 3s at the moment) we’ve spent a lot of time up there. They’re currently undergoing some much-needed refurbishments including their bar area and pro shop so the place is starting to look really good. The staff are always smiling, friendly and welcoming and there seems to be a good sense of community up there.

The course has probably has the most stunning views in Brighton (well, what I’ve seen from standing on the first tee anyway) and I’m really looking forward to playing there once my shots are going far enough to tackle the longer holes!

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