Qype: JB’s American Diner in Brighton

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Inside JB'S American Diner

Until recently, I’d always walked straight past this place at the end of Black Lion Street. I’m sure you’ve all done the same as, let’s face it, it doesn’t look like the most inviting place in the world. So when a friend invited us out for a get-together here, I wasn’t overly enamoured with the idea. I thought it’d be a horrendous, shabby place – and overpriced to boot given it’s location.

I’m happy to admit I was totally wrong.

The inside of this place couldn’t look more different from the impression it gives on the outside. 50s-style diner tables, red faux-leather upholstered booths, an American pool table (only 50p a game), rock ‘n’ roll music playing, images of hollywood stars plastering the walls… I felt like I’d just stepped onto the set of Grease.

The food isn’t half bad either – a massive plate of steak and chips cost about £12 and the starters are all under a fiver. They also serve the most immense-looking milkshakes (I believe one is Bailey’s flavoured?)

Scrummy Steak 'n' Chips

All in all, this place made for an unexpectedly good evening – the only thing they lose points for is the slowness of their service. Far more authentic an ‘American Diner’ and much better value for money than any soulless branch TGI Friday, I would definitely recommend checking this place out if you’re down in Brighton and want to grab a bite to eat by the seaside.

Check out my review of JB’s American Diner – I am Alice_Reeves – on Qype

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