Qype: Hollingbury Park Golf Course in Hollingbury


After my boyfriend and I decided back in June that we wanted to learn to play golf, we fired off a few emails to the professionals at our most local golf courses to scope out the best deals on tuition.

The best value for money offer by far came from Paul Warner – the professional at Mytime Golf who manage the courses at Hollingbury and Waterhall. After making sure he was aware that we were absolute beginners who had never even swung a golf club before (so he had his work cut out) we had our first lesson at the beginning of July.

Paul was absolutely fantastic, despite us being truly awful to start with – his lessons are well-paced, easy to follow and comprehensive. After a month or so we played our first round (albeit badly) and after our final lesson a couple of weeks ago we’re now confident enough to go out on the busier, more popular courses.

Although I have yet to play the course at Hollingbury (I’m sticking firmly to courses with lots of Par 3s at the moment) we’ve spent a lot of time up there. They’re currently undergoing some much-needed refurbishments including their bar area and pro shop so the place is starting to look really good. The staff are always smiling, friendly and welcoming and there seems to be a good sense of community up there.

The course has probably has the most stunning views in Brighton (well, what I’ve seen from standing on the first tee anyway) and I’m really looking forward to playing there once my shots are going far enough to tackle the longer holes!

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