Qype: Zorian Artworks in Brighton

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I cannot tell you how much I love this little gallery in the prestigious Artists’ Quarter on Brighton seafront. Zorian P Matthews is a wonderful artist, using the most vibrant and visually stunning colours to create some of the most beautiful landscape paintings I’ve ever seen – sunsets, moonshine, oceans and more. I defy anyone not to love these paintings, which would create such a talking point in anyone’s home.

My favourite images have got to be Zorian’s sunsets, painted in the most intense yellows, oranges and reds, closely followed by the landscapes incorporating loads of little rubber ducks coasting waves and drifting around icebergs. Beautiful, yet comic.

If landscapes aren’t your thing, you’ll also find huge canvases of flowers and animals which are equally well-executed. Another place that I would go mad in with a credit card if I was made of money, I would definitely recommend this gallery for a look around if you’re wandering along the arches.

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Qype: Linda Boucher in Brighton


I absolutely ADORE this little gallery along Brighton seafront – it brings out my inner girly girl like no other place in the city. Linda Boucher’s paintings are stunningly simple and all very, very pink. Specialising in ‘still life’ paintings depicting beautiful shoes, handbags and elegant items upon dressing tables, there is a wonderful feel to her work that suggests a vibrancy and life in these colourful, inanimate objects.

Boucher does what every great artist should be able to do – she takes the everyday and makes it new and wonderful. Her portraits are stunning too – faces of women made up in classic 1920s-style.

If you fancy getting your hands on one of these original artworks, it’ll set you back between £45 and (ouch) £325. My favourites are her shoe paintings which are all around the £120 mark. If I had my own place (and was decidedly richer) I’d love to cover my bedroom/dressing room in her designs. I’m just not sure it would go down TOO well with my boyfriend…

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