Qype: Moksha Caffe in Brighton

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Moksha is a great little cafe at the bottom of Trafalgar Street, opposite St. Peter’s Church. Serving Teapigs tea (which is quite possibly the best name for a brand of tea EVER) and a range of deliciously indulgent coffees in a gorgeous, light, airy space, this is one of my favourite places to grab a newspaper and a coffee on a lazy, sunny Sunday morning. Plus, it’s en route to Brighton station which is rather handy.

As well as the usual tea/coffee cafe fare, they also sell the tastiest 100% fresh fruit smoothies in all of Brighton – the ‘Cardio Angel’ and ‘Flu-Fighter’ varieties are particular favourites of mine. And they both make for excellent hangover cures.

The other thing that Moksha do, which places it firmly within the Brighton culture, is that they display original artworks by local artists. A friend of a friend had an exhibition evening here a year or two ago, which turned into a lovely wine-and-chat-filled evening.

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Qype: Buddies Brighton in Brighton

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Ever-popular with the student masses and weekend club-goers, Buddies is a 24-hour seafront diner. Conveniently located just a stone’s throw from the clubs in the King’s Road Arches, this is the only place I know where you can get a full fry up at 3am. In my student days, we frequently stumbled out of The Honeyclub or Coalition (née The Beach) at around 4am and decided rather than sleeping and THEN having breakfast, it was far more time-effective to do it the other way around.

There are, however, a few problems with Buddies. The first is that it’s absolutely packed with rowdy drunk people. Not all the time, but after about 2am. And I wouldn’t want to go here at any other time. Secondly, it’s way too expensive for what it is – I think they count on people being too hammered to think rationally about spending £7-8 on a fry up (but hey, their rationale works). Thirdly, last time I went there I stormed out before our order even arrived because I was so appalled by the way one of their male staff members spoke to me. True, it was about 4am and insanely busy but I was hungry, tired and definitely NOT in the mood to be offended. I haven’t wanted to go back since.

All in all, this place offers bad pricing and (from my last experience) bad service. The only reason to go here is that nothing else is open, so I guess they feel like they don’t need to rely on anything else. My advice would be to check out their Fish ‘n’ Chip takeaway, Buddies Plaice, next door for much better value for money.

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Qype: Nia Cafe Bar in Brighton

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I went to Nia for the first time yesterday and immediately loved it – I’d always thought it was just another coffee place and consequently walked straight past it about a thousand times. In fact, it’s a fabulous little place to go to eat lunch (or just have coffee – lots of coffee – which is what we did). As I continually mention in my coffee-shop reviews, a prime people-watching location is very important. Situated right on the edge of North Laine on the road leading right up to the station, Nia definitely satisfies that criteria.

My poached egg and smoked salmon 🙂

The atmosphere of the place is lovely, slightly rustic shabby chic with big chunky wooden tables, tall wide windows and plants everywhere, which makes it a wonderfully pleasant place to sit and while away a good few hours. The service is brilliant: I was greeted and shown to a table by a lovely young man as soon as I walked in. It’s table service too, which I much prefer to standing around in a queue at a cash register and then finding there’s nowhere to sit. They also get extra points for the fact that when I couldn’t have anything on the breakfast menu (as it all contained wheat) they made me poached egg and smoked salmon specially. Gorgeous.

So, moving on to the coffee – it’s absolutely delicious. Saying that, I’m not (really) a big coffee fan. I have to have it sufficiently diluted with copious amounts of frothy milk and a couple of sugars and have never had an espresso or black coffee in my life. In other words, I like a damn good latte. Nia does just that. They even serve it in a glass coffee mug with a long spoon. Beautiful. Also, rather than little shaky sachets that created mess all over your table, they have a little bowl of sugar lumps to plop into your coffee. I may be very sad for saying so, but this makes me happy.

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