Qype: Nia Cafe Bar in Brighton

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I went to Nia for the first time yesterday and immediately loved it – I’d always thought it was just another coffee place and consequently walked straight past it about a thousand times. In fact, it’s a fabulous little place to go to eat lunch (or just have coffee – lots of coffee – which is what we did). As I continually mention in my coffee-shop reviews, a prime people-watching location is very important. Situated right on the edge of North Laine on the road leading right up to the station, Nia definitely satisfies that criteria.

My poached egg and smoked salmon 🙂

The atmosphere of the place is lovely, slightly rustic shabby chic with big chunky wooden tables, tall wide windows and plants everywhere, which makes it a wonderfully pleasant place to sit and while away a good few hours. The service is brilliant: I was greeted and shown to a table by a lovely young man as soon as I walked in. It’s table service too, which I much prefer to standing around in a queue at a cash register and then finding there’s nowhere to sit. They also get extra points for the fact that when I couldn’t have anything on the breakfast menu (as it all contained wheat) they made me poached egg and smoked salmon specially. Gorgeous.

So, moving on to the coffee – it’s absolutely delicious. Saying that, I’m not (really) a big coffee fan. I have to have it sufficiently diluted with copious amounts of frothy milk and a couple of sugars and have never had an espresso or black coffee in my life. In other words, I like a damn good latte. Nia does just that. They even serve it in a glass coffee mug with a long spoon. Beautiful. Also, rather than little shaky sachets that created mess all over your table, they have a little bowl of sugar lumps to plop into your coffee. I may be very sad for saying so, but this makes me happy.

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Qype: Taylor St Baristas in Brighton

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If you don’t know the name, then it’s probably because you know Taylor St as “that great little coffee place inside Travelbag on Queen’s Road.” At least, that’s how I always referred to them – until they (very recently) opened their very own cafe opposite Community Base further up Queen’s Road.

Taylor St Baristas is a family-owned Australian coffee company, who take their coffee SERIOUSLY. On their website, they say: “In our view, the barista is the most important thing standing between you and a good coffee. Like a chef, the barista’s knowledge, skills and techniques critically affect the quality of the product he’s preparing. For this reason, our baristas are exhaustively and relentlessly trained and bring, on average, 2-3 years experience to their craft.” That’s why, without a doubt, this is probably the best place to go for coffee in all of Brighton, especially now that they have their own place in this prime people-watching location (highly important for a coffee shop).

Yesterday, I had the BEST cup of Rooibos tea ever in here – loose leaf tea served in these brilliant teabag-style pouches (I cannot find them anywhere – but I need some!) I even drank it without milk (which is a first for me) but when they didn’t serve me milk, I was afraid to ask for it for fear of tainting this wonderful tea (they know their stuff, after all). You know what? It was blimmin’ delicious.

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