Qype: Showstopper! The Improvised Musical in Brighton

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I was a little bit sceptical, but rather intrigued to see how this would play out – I can’t say I was expecting it to be as damn incredible as it was!

The premise is that a director has pitched a musical that’s absolutely terrible and rather than have his funding pulled, he says that he in fact has another musical that he can have ready to pitch within an hour and a half. That’s where the audience come in, as they’re asked to shout suggestions of setting, characters, famous composers and plot lines.

When it was decided (by the audience) within the first two minutes that this was going to be a musical about Roman slaves in Dundee working on Hadrian’s Wall I cringed inwardly – what on earth had I paid £15 for?!

Imagine my total surprise when bizarrely, brilliantly and ingeniously a musical was improvised in front of my very eyes incorporating music inspired by Mozart, Gilbert and Sullivan, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Handel, Hendrix and Bernstein with dialogue inspired by the likes of Shakespeare and Harold Pinter. The result was one of the most hilarious performances I’ve seen in a long time and an immensely enjoyable evening.

The best thing about Showstopper is that you can go and see it as many times as you like and you’ll always be guaranteed a completely different show. It’s coming back to Brighton in May as part of the Brighton festival. I’m going to buy my ticket now.

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Qype: Komedia in Brighton

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Without a single shadow of a doubt, Komedia is my favourite venue in Brighton. The entertainment they offer is consistently brilliant, whether it’s a club night, a comedy show or a gig. I’ve seen several bands here, been to their famous Krater Comedy Club, their ‘Da Doo Ron Ron’ club night and most recently (last night, in fact) to see Showstopper: The Improvised Musical. All were superb – either great fun, immensely clever, absolutely hilarious or all of the above.

They’ve got several rooms within the building, which is far bigger inside than it looks on the outside. My favourite bit is (strangely) the basement, which is where their Krater nights are held. I don’t know why, it just always seems to have a fabulous atmosphere. Probably because from the second the you walk in, everyone knows what a great night they’re in for.

My only complaint is that the drinks prices are pretty extortionate, even for central Brighton. Last night cost me £10 for two drinks. On their club nights though, they do tend to have drinks offers (usually a lager along with a spirit and mixer). I don’t really mind the alcohol prices too much though, as their entertainment is always such excellent value. In five years of going here, I’ve never walked out feeling like I haven’t got my money’s worth.

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