Qype: Brighton Dome in Brighton

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Probably Brighton’s most famous arts venue, the Brighton Dome is my most frequented place for an evening’s entertainment. I’ve seen everything here from stand-up comedy, to music gigs, to my very own graduation ceremony.

Incredibly well-laid out so that there isn’t a bad seat in the house (I’ve never sat in one, anyway) this stunning mid-sized theatre is a truly brilliant space with great acoustics. You wouldn’t think this fantastic concert hall was originally home to George IV’s stables, would you?

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Qype: Brighton Dome: Corn Exchange in Brighton


Over the years, I’ve experienced the Corn Exchange in many guises. I’ve seen it packed with robed-up Sussex students at graduation ceremonies; draped in coloured ribbon, full of balloons and set up like a dining room/dance floor for my graduation ball; packed full of screaming Jason Mraz fans and most recently, hosting the Wired Sussex digital media fair.

This is a brilliant multi-purpose venue, with wonderfully high ceilings and great acoustics. It’s exactly the right size too, so at gigs it feels buzzing and packed with people as well as retaining a level of intimacy with the performing act.

My favourite details of the hall are the high windows fitted with panes of mirrored glass – when you look up they add a rather strange dimension to the place, reflecting back the light fittings and making the upper part of the room really open out.

This place has got a hell of a lot of history attached to it too. Completed in 1805, what we now know as the Corn Exchange part of the Brighton Dome was built as a riding hall for the Prince Regent (then George, Prince of Wales). See? You learn something every day…

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Qype: Concorde 2 in Brighton

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Concorde 2 is a brilliant music venue/nightclub along Brighton’s seafront, underneath the arches on Madeira Drive. It’s a bit of a trek to get to if you’re used to hopping from place to place in the centre of town, but it’s well worth the wander up there. Most of the big names in indie pop and rock play here when they come to Brighton, which makes it one of the coolest venues around.

It may not look much from the outside (or from the inside for that matter), but the acoustics are always spot-on and the atmosphere at gigs is great. Most of the bands that play at Concorde are excited to be there and feel really nostalgic towards the place which always comes across in their performances. The best band I’ve seen here was Alabama 3 who are playing again on May 3rd – they put on an incredible show and their fantastically mad wannabe-cowboy fans LOVE them, which made for one of the best gig experiences I’ve ever had.

As well as live music, they also hold crazy drum ‘n’ bass and dubstep nights that go on until about 6am. I went to one of these as a student and rapidly decided it REALLY wasn’t my cup of tea, but everyone else seemed to be having great fun. So, if you’re into that kind of thing, definitely give Concorde’s nights a go!

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Qype: Komedia in Brighton

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Without a single shadow of a doubt, Komedia is my favourite venue in Brighton. The entertainment they offer is consistently brilliant, whether it’s a club night, a comedy show or a gig. I’ve seen several bands here, been to their famous Krater Comedy Club, their ‘Da Doo Ron Ron’ club night and most recently (last night, in fact) to see Showstopper: The Improvised Musical. All were superb – either great fun, immensely clever, absolutely hilarious or all of the above.

They’ve got several rooms within the building, which is far bigger inside than it looks on the outside. My favourite bit is (strangely) the basement, which is where their Krater nights are held. I don’t know why, it just always seems to have a fabulous atmosphere. Probably because from the second the you walk in, everyone knows what a great night they’re in for.

My only complaint is that the drinks prices are pretty extortionate, even for central Brighton. Last night cost me £10 for two drinks. On their club nights though, they do tend to have drinks offers (usually a lager along with a spirit and mixer). I don’t really mind the alcohol prices too much though, as their entertainment is always such excellent value. In five years of going here, I’ve never walked out feeling like I haven’t got my money’s worth.

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