Qype: Brighton Coalition in Brighton


I can’t vouch for Coalition as a nightclub, seeing as I haven’t been there since my student days when it was still called The Beach and seemed to run nothing but cheesy 80s and 90s nights. Which, incidentally, were awesome. Now, I only seem to end up in coalition in the summer, when Brighton beach is deliciously warm, completely packed and I want somewhere to chill out with an enormous jug of Pimms.

If you’re lucky enough to get a table, the staff are friendly, the service is fairly quick and the music is summery and funky. The outdoor seating area is a total sun trap though – we sat there for about three hours yesterday and I got incredibly sunburnt on one arm – so make sure (unlike very silly me) that you’re slathered from head to toe in sunblock!

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Qype: The Funky Fish Club in Brighton


Generally speaking I hate nightclubs, but Funky Fish isn’t your typical club. Whilst most Brighton clubs are full of drunken students out on the pull, this place tends to attract a very different crowd. Of course, you still get your students, but you’ll also find groups of men and women in their sixties and every age in between who are just out for a damn good boogie.

The music isn’t your usual hip-hop/R’n’B rubbish that too many nightclubs pump out on a Friday and Saturday night either – it’s 60s/70s soul, funk, blues and motown. Everyone’s grooving and everyone’s having a great time – it’s like being in a time warp. Plus, there’s usually this fantastic old guy in a white suit that flings himself around the dance floor with gay abandonment (generally at groups of women). I guarantee he’ll bring great joy to your evening.

There’s one more reason that I love a night out at Funky Fish, as well as the fabulous atmosphere, highly entertaining dancing and friendly clientele. This reason is vodka slush puppies. Think that sounds foul? Well, you’re probably right. But frankly, I find the combination of alcohol, blue food colouring and brain freezes impossible to resist.

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