Run lust: Sweaty Betty

I’m just about to embark upon training for my first EVER marathon (slightly terrified, if I’m honest) and have been thinking about what keeps me motivated to run when it’s cold and miserable outside. With the weather feeling truly cold for the first time since the great snowfall of March (which is supposed to be spring, right?) I’m feeling an overwhelming desire to snuggle up in my onesie with a hot chocolate instead of hitting the pavement for a few miles.

Call me silly, but I’ve realised I’m far more inclined to run when I feel good in my running gear. Having recently acknowledged that I am a serious runner now (I mean, I’m doing a MARATHON for goodness’ sake) I’ve gravitated from Karrimor at Sports Direct to Nike (still from Sports Direct, but rather  more expensive).

I made the mistake a little while ago though of wandering into Sweaty Betty and immediately fell in love with absolutely everything. Anyway. Not having the £300+ that it would take to turn myself into a head-to-toe brand ambassador, I decided to go imaginary shopping instead. Here’s my top five Sweaty Betty lust list. Oh, and my birthday’s coming up soon by the way.

1. Competitor run hoody (stardust grey marl) £70

Sweaty Betty Competitor Run Hoody

Sweaty Betty Competitor Run Hoody (£70)

The feel of this sweat-wicking fabric is absolutely lush – it’s so unbelievably soft. The slouchy front pocket would keep my hands warm while waiting to set off on a run and the funnel-shaped neck would keep that wind chill out nicely. Plus, a hood is always good for warming up at the start of winter runs. The other thing I love in a run hoody are long arms with thumb-holes. I have no idea why thumb holes are so cool, they just are.

2. Bodymap thermal run tights (asteroid purple) £90

Sweaty Betty Bodymap Thermal Run Tights

Sweaty Betty Bodymap Thermal Run Tights (£90)

When the weather gets to down minus temperatures, thermal tights are essential for getting your legs warmed up quickly. Mesh panels in the back of the knees provide ventilation for when you’re warmed up and the reflective criss-cross design makes for safe after-dark running. The colour’s great too. WANT.

3. Breeze merino long sleeve run top (hyperbola purple) £70

Sweaty Betty Breeze Merino Long Sleeve Run Top

Sweaty Betty Breeze Merino Long Sleeve Run Top (£70)

I love the gorgeous bluey-purple colour of this long-sleeve run top and the fit is incredibly flattering. The fabric is naturally anti-bacterial (I’m not sure why that’s important, but hey) as well as being breathable and sweat-wicking.

4. Fleece earwarmer (stardust grey marl) £15

Sweaty Betty Fleece Earwarmer

Sweaty Betty Fleece Earwarmer (£15)

I’m a big fan of an earwarmer when I’m running because I get far too hot in hats, but running with cold ears can be a pretty miserable experience. As is running with cold fingertips, so I should probably add these run gloves to my list as a cheeky number six too.

5. Protector run jacket (hyperbola purple) £70

Sweaty Betty Protector Run Jacket

Sweaty Betty Protector Run Jacket (£70)

And finally, a winter-running essential is a decent shower-proof jacket. I have a Ronhill one at the moment which cost me around £50 last year and the wear I’ve had out of it has been fantastic. Ultra-lightweight, these sort of jackets won’t keep you dry when it absolutely pours it down, but will give you some extremely welcome protection when it’s cold and wet.

Though these are my top five, I actually do want EVERYTHING. View Sweaty Betty’s full running range here

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