Qype: The Forum in Shepperton

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The Forum is the best (read: only) Chinese restaurant in Shepperton, which is probably why it gets so damn busy at weekends. That, along with the fact that it offers excellent value for money. At £14.99 for all you can eat, it’s far better than a bog standard all-you-can-eat buffet. You sit down, order a (slightly overpriced) bottle of wine (optional) and then as many starters as you like. After that, they bring the duck course (my favourite) followed by as many main dishes as you feel you can eat. Desserts and coffee aren’t included in the deal (as far as I could tell), but it’s well worth grabbing a Cointreau coffee at the end – they’re blimmin’ gorgeous.

Sadly, our seating arrangement was a little disappointing. We were in a rather large group and stuffed right at the back in the corner, so that once we were sat down there was no chance of half of us getting out short of jumping over the table. Thank God a few of our party cancelled – otherwise we’d have got wedged in after stuffing ourselves with all that food…

As I said, we were in a big group, but I found the fact that they forgot or got wrong at least one dish on each course a bit rubbish. My cousin ordered spicy chicken wings as a starter, but didn’t get them until the main course (after asking three times). They also brought us some bizarre chicken dish as a main course that we didn’t order which remained untouched. Seeing as they charge you full price for any dish that’s entirely uneaten, we had to point this out to them. I think they’d had enough of us by then, so they took it away.

In summary, if you want to eat at a Chinese restaurant in Shepperton, The Forum is your only option. As far as options go though, it’s a pretty good one – the food is tasty, authentic and well-cooked. And if you ask enough times, you might even get what you ordered.

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